Universidade de Vigo
Departamento de Socioloxía



We are a University Department that comprises various academic fields -Sociology, Political Science and Administration, Philosophy and Moral Philosophy - and that develops its teaching and research in two scientific domains at the University of Vigo – Socio-Legal studies and the Humanities.

We are present in the three campuses of the University of Vigo and our teaching is provided in the following faculties: Economics and Business, Legal and Labour Sciences, Philology and Translation (Campus of Vigo), Educational Sciences, Business and Tourism (Campus of Ourense), Educational Sciences and Sport, Social Sciences and Communication  (Campus of Pontevedra).

Our specific call –inscribed into the social sciences and the humanities; allows us to bring a distinctive contribution in a university heavily oriented to the natural sciences and technology. The diversity of academic backgrounds and degrees where our activities take place –from Labor Relations and Human Resources to Philology or Management; underscores the reach of our academic profile.


The Department’s research comprises both empirical and practical approaches and theoretical and methodological reflection.