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The research made by the Department professors will be partially shown in the official postgraduate programs and in those programs belonging to the University of Vigo:

Official Online Master´s Degree of Public Management and Institucional Leadership

Including professors with recognised prestige in the fields of Public Management and Institutional Leadership.

Master´s Degree of UE Policies and Territorial Cooperation

Developed by the Universities of Vigo and Minho (Portugal), the object of the Master is the formation of students with solid knowledeges on EU and its policies linked to the regional development, giving them practical tools to contextualize the UE public policies in the Galicia-North of Portugal Euro-region, so they will be able to design estrategies of endogenous development in the Euro-region within the framework of European and regional policies stablished in the Europe 2020 Estrategy and the new program 2014 - 2020.

Master´s Degree of Language and Communication in Business

Humanities and Social Sciences are the fields that faces some of the most important challenges in the XXI century, such as the intercultural communication and the non verbal communication, among others.

Master´s Degree of Minors in Situation of Desprotection and Social Conflict

The main objective of this Master is the formation of researchers to project, implement and manage projects and research procedures about underprotection and social conflictivity of minors, from a legal perspective na perspectiva eminentemente jurídica, although also psicological and social-educational.

At the same time, this Master tries to be a
interdisciplinar meeting point to debate, analize and put in common ideas to improve the legal protection and the psicosocioeducational mechanisms of intervention with minors in situation of risk, abandonment or social conflict.

Master´s Degree of Multidisciplinary Intervention on the Diversity in Education Contexts


The general objective of the Master is to improve the competencies of graduated students and educational professionals linked specifically to the attention to diversity originated by personal capacities, gender, age, cultural and lingüistic systems, and also different social-economic situations.